Thursday, July 7, 2022

Student Spotlight: Marquis Pickett

Student Spotlight: Marquis Pickett

This week, we would like to highlight Marquis Pickett for his outstanding leadership, work ethic, and positive influence in the online GIS courses he has taken with us this year.  

Marquis regularly offers his time to help his classmates on the discussion forum and during office hours with sound advice, encouragement, and tips. Multiple students have shared with instructors how helpful Marquis has been to them. In a recent post, he reminded his classmates to trust in themselves and their abilities while sharing his experience working through a lab assignment.  Marquis works diligently to understand the course materials and any questions he asks are backed by research on his part. There have been several instances where Marquis will revisit/rework an assignment he has already submitted to ensure he understands the topics and processes before moving on. The blog posts below is key points that are examples of Marquis' determination. Overall, Marquis is a standout student who is both professional and passionate about GIS. We're glad to have you; keep up the great work, Marquis!

Check out his blog here:

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