Friday, September 15, 2023

Student Spotlight: Robert Richardson

Student Spotlight: Robert Richardson

This week in Special Topics Module 1, students learned the importance of creating and identifying the quality level of spatial data. The fundamental concepts of accuracy, precision, and bias were defined in lecture Fundamentals of Spatial Data Quality. These error metrics were further examined in the lab, Calculating Metrics for Spatial Data Quality where students were asked to map a set of GPS coordinate waypoints, then calculate and demonstrate the accuracy and precision of the points. 

This week, we would like to highlight the outstanding work of Robert Richardson!

Robert's lab work, graphics, and blogspot for this Module reflect his professionalism and attention to detail. Robert is a GIS Administration Graduate student who creates enjoyable blogspots that often include extra screenshots and analysis. He has extensive career experience in construction, CAD, and GIS that allows him to provide valuable unique perspectives and solutions to the discussion boards and when helping other students in the lab. 

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