Thursday, September 7, 2023

Student Spotlight: Kelsey Yoder-Ostroski

Student Spotlight: Kelsey Yoder-Ostroski

This week, we would like to highlight Kelsey Yoder-Ostroski for her work on the Application for GIS Coastal Flooding and Storm Surge Analysis module! 

In this module, students explored coastal flooding models and were asked to prepare their own storm surge analysis. 
Kelsey has created an excellent blogspot about the Coastal Flooding and Storm Surge module which highlights how LiDAR datasets may be compared for analysis to help with both storm damage mitigation and preparation. The design and content of the maps and graphics in her project are both visually appealing and well written, a testament to her background in education as well as her work as a mother and volunteer. In addition, Kelsey has been an engaged and dedicated student throughout her journey in the GIS Administration Graduate program. 

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