Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Hello and welcome to the UWF Introduction to GIS course blog! The purpose of this blog is to share useful resources, tips and most importantly to showcase student's work.  We'll be diving right in to ESRI's ArcGIS10 software this week with an "Overview of ArcGIS Tools" which will give you a feel for how to work on UWF's eDesktop for GIS and ArcGIS10.  The deliverables required for this exercise will give you an idea of what to expect to submit each week (what, where and how) as well as how we will be grading your submissions (rubric).

Remember to add the label gadget and label each post (Cartography or IntroGIS) so visitors will be able to follow your blog with ease. If you've never created a blog before, you aren't alone! Instructors are hear to help. 

I'm excited to begin the first semester of the Online GIS Certificate Program 2011 and to view your blogs - I'm continually impressed with how well students turn ordinary results into extraordinary maps.

Amber Bloechle