Friday, September 28, 2012

Project 1: Student Spotlights...

Hello students,

I am happy to announce the return of Student Spotlights. This semester we have decided to post the work of students that we feel did a tremendous job on the entire project.  We will also be including a tidbit about the student’s internship location.  This first go-around we will be highlighting student’s work from the Special Topics in GIS Course, Project I - Statistical Analysis of Methamphetamine Labs  - Location: Charleston West Virginia.

Please join me in congratulating Katherine Michael and Adriano Baptista. Their reports for this first project were precisely the caliber of work that we were looking for with this assignment. Both had a wonderful report format and thoroughly explained their results of the analysis. Each student’s discussion points for this project were slightly different; however, Katherine and Adriano did an exemplary job of discussing possible reasons their analysis turned out the way it did.

This project was definitely one to get you thinking. Great job everyone!

Be sure to check below to see Katherine and Adriano’s reports:

Adriano Baptista:

Adriano is part of our ESRI Virtual Campus Group in GIS Internship.   When not plugging away at the assigned courses, you can find him working with a European Union agency that supports the decision–making of the EU in the field of the Common Foreign and Security Policy, by providing IMINT/GEOINT products resulting from the analysis of satellite and aerial imagery.  This sounds like very exciting work and highly technical.  Adriano is currently living in Portugal and loves to go diving. He describes himself as a raster because he is “what you see is what you get!” person.  Great job Adriano and welcome to the spotlight!


Katherine Michael:
Katherine is working with the Putnam County, FL, GIS team.  An exciting part of her new job will be learning how to operate in the SDE environment as opposed to using personal and file geodatabases. Katherine is a mom and photographer, and would describe herself as a raster because she is colorful and highly detail oriented. Excellent work Katherine and we hope you enjoy your time in the spotlight!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall and Final Semester Welcome

Students and Guests, Welcome to the Online GIS Certificate Program blog!  Students are beginning the last semester of the Certificate program.  Expect to see our student's best work debuted here each week.  Visit often to view student spotlights and insight to GIS at UWF!

Fall Courses/Descriptions:

Special Topics in GIS (GIS4930/5935) Instructor, Trisha Holtzclaw

Special Topics in GIS for Archaeology (GIS4990/5990) Instructor, Scott Palumbo, PhD

GIS Internship (GIS4944/5945) Instructor,  Leah Lewis

Photo Interpretation and Remote Sensing (GIS4035/L) Instructor, Brian Fulfrost