Monday, September 26, 2016

GIS 4938/5938 – Special Topics in GIS for Archaeology - Student Spotlight

Module #2:  Finding Maya Pyramids (Analysis)

Module 2's lab assignment required students to use Landsat imagery to look for undiscovered Mayan pyramids. These pyramids are usually created out of limestone rubble, and affect the vegetation that grows directly on top of them.

And the STUDENT SPOTLIGHT AWARD goes to... Bradley Husemann!

Bradley was able to create a training sample using known pyramid sites, and see how that the spectral qualities of that sample matched up with other areas of the jungle. I particularly enjoyed Bradley's clever use of data frames and clear legends in his map layout, and believe they to the point and intelligible to the average reader. When a training sample is done well, one only has a handful of interesting locations to ground truth, and that is precisely what Bradley was able to achieve this week. 

 Follow Bradley's progress at his student blog: