Tuesday, March 26, 2013

GIS3015 Cartographic Skills Student Spotlight- Choropleth Maps Lab

GIS3015 Cartographic Skills, Instructor, Mrs. Trisha Holtzclaw

Choropleth Maps

In the "Choropleth Mapping" laboratory assignment we produced two separate choropleth  maps, one in color and one in black and white, illustrating population change of the United States with the utilization of  census data. 

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Choose an appropriate color scheme for your choropleth map
  • Create an appropriate legend for your classification scheme
  • Calculate data from Census tables
  • Implement an appropriate classification method for your data


The following student was chosen for their exceptional work on the Choropleth Maps assignment:

Justin Coryell 

About Justin: Welcome to the spotlight Justin!  Justin is Aerographer's Mate Chief Petty Officer in the US Navy stationed in Gulfport, MS.  He and his wife are the proud parents of two kiddos under two.  Whew. He is a graduate of Mississippi State University with a bachelor's degree in meteorology. Justin is currently teaching a GIS 101 course on base and is on track to receive his graduate GIS certificate in the fall.  Justin - it's late March, where is all the warm weather?!

What we like:  We like the map layout and the fact that he went the extra mile and made the map his own by creating a nifty legend box in the bottom corner. His labels were appropriately sized and legible. He also displayed his data in a very clear, easy to read manner.

Color Choropleth State Population Growth 1990-2000
Black and white State Population Growth by Divisions 1990-2000

"Week 7 – This week’s assignment was to complete two maps and generate the choropleth mapping skills learned throughout chapter 14. We had to build a black and white version and a color map while indicating which way we classified the data. As the first color image shows in Natural breaks, in a yellow to red hue, Nevada was clearly the largest growth populated state. This is the reason for choosing to use the Natural breaks over the others of quantile or standard deviation. The color selection was chosen by using http://colorbrewer2.org to render a more usable color selection in sequential fashion and color blind friendly.
The black and white version was developed to break out the divisions in the nation that had the greatest growth based off of their location. Pacific, Mountain, West North Central, etc... As shown in the map above. "

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  1. One editorial for this post, I am an Aerographer's Mate Chief Petty Officer, I am not a Master Chief yet. I do like getting promoted, so maybe many years from now I will be a Master Chief and here's to good wishes. Thank you though for putting me in the spotlight this week and I am glad you like my maps.