Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Geographic Information Systems Student Spotlight

GIS4043 Geographic Information Systems, Instructor, Mrs. Amber Bloechle

Data for GIS and Data Quality/Data Search

The data search was midterm time. We ventured away from our usual lab structure and worked independently on the different counties of Florida. We collected and formatted our own vector, raster and environmental data to create easy to interpret maps. We also:
  • Reviewed and recorded metadata for data coming from multiple sources 
  • Selected GIS data that meets the needs of a defined project (scale, attributes, geographic extent, time sensitive, software being used or required format) 
  • Downloaded data from online sources 
  • Practiced data management of GIS data coming from multiple sources 
  • Detected and corrected data errors for use in a GIS 
  • Intelligently selected a geographic projection to be used in a defined project 
  • Detected and corrected geographic projection issues 
  • Reprojected data from Albers to UTM 
  • Utilized select by location and clip tools in ArcGIS to isolate a study area 
  • Viewed selected records and create a new map layer from selected feature data

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Differentiate between analogue and digital data for GIS
  • Recall fundamental data collection methods: GPS, land survey, digitizing, and census data collection methods
  • Define the four types of resolution involved with choosing a remotely sensed dataset
  • Recall characteristics of LiDAR and RADAR remote sensing data
  • Find information needed to orient and measure raster data
  • Recall important questions to ask yourself when downloading GIS data from online sources
  • Identify error in data and methods used to check GIS data for errors
  • Indicate why data standards are an important issue in GIS

                                                                          STUDENT SPOTLIGHT AWARDS

                                                                          The following student was chosen for their exception work on the Data for GIS and Data Quality/Data Search assignment:

                                                                          Stewart Boyd

                                                                          About Stewart: Stewart is currently working as a licensed professional engineer in Terre Haute, Indiana. He uses maps on a daily basis for everything from mineral reserve analysis, groundwater tracking, geologic modeling, to the delineation of wetlands and streams, and etc.  Stewart primarily uses AutoCAD Map for his daily activities, and AutoCAD has been integrating GIS into its functions.  The GIS databases provided online, primarily through government websites, have made his job a lot easier on a day-to-day basis. Stewart is taking these courses to make certain he has a good understanding of the resources available and hopefully to become more efficient in his day to day duties. And by the way, he really likes making maps! Welcome to the spotlight, Stewart!

                                                                          What we like: Stewart did an excellent job of getting all of his data to line properly and even better getting it all to make sense! His maps are well organized and detailed. He also made some great design choices including symbology and labels. Way to go Stewart!

                                                                          Come back next week for the Student Spotlight from Cartography!

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