Friday, April 18, 2014

Introduction to GIS Student Spotlight

GIS4043 Geographic Information Systems, Instructor, Mrs. Amber Bloechle

Week 13: Georeferencing, Editing, and ArcScene

This week we:

  • Georeferenced data using the Control Points tool 
  • Recalled the acceptable static features that can used as common points 
  • Georeferenced an unknown raster image of the campus to known vector data (i.e. buildings & roads) 
  • Interpreted Residual and Root Mean Square errors 
  • Digitized new building and road features 
  • Practiced polynomial transformations 
  • Created hyperlinks in ArcGIS to data stored on a personal drive 
  • Created Multiple Ring Buffers 
  • Practiced customizing an ArcMap toolbar 
  • Practiced overlaying data in a 3D environment 

Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this lab students should be able to:
  • Define Georeferencing
  • Georeference data using the Control Points tool and understand how to distribute control points
  • Recall the acceptable static features that can used as common points
  • Georeference an unknown raster image of the campus to known vector data (i.e. buildings & roads)
  • Interpret Residual and Root Mean Square errors
  • Practice and recall the methods used to reduce error
  • Digitize new building and road features
  • Edit data features and attributes
  • Practice polynomial transformations
  • Create hyperlinks in ArcGIS to data stored on a personal drive
  • Create Multiple Ring Buffers
  • Practice customizing an ArcMap toolbar
  • Practice overlaying data in a 3D environment

                                                                          STUDENT SPOTLIGHT AWARDS

                                                                          The following student was chosen for their exception work on the Georeferencing, Editing, and ArcScene assignment:

                                                                          Erin Marie Ganzenmuller

                                                                          About Erin: Erin grew up in Ohio then joined the Air Force where she was first stationed in Omaha, Nebraska and was deployed to Iraq for seven months. She currently lives in the Panhandle of Florida brought here by her husbands' orders, but she still misses the midwest(when there is a bit less snow on the ground).

                                                                          While in the military, Erin worked in Intelligence. However, military life and Intelligence didn't quite suite her so she decided to pursue other options. For a few months she worked at Fontenelle Forest where she had the wonderful opportunity of teaching children about nature, taking care of the resident rehabilitated wildlife on site, hiking through their trails (even in the snow), and meeting their wonderful staff of passionate naturalists.

                                                                          Erin's husband then got orders to Hurlburt Field a couple of years ago. They live here with their cat, Charlie, and two dogs, Toto and Zoey. Erin enjoys traveling, learning new things, hanging out with my husband and critters, keeping up on shows like The Walking Dead, and napping. Erin has also recently started particapitating in Geochacing, and find it a fun GIS related hobby.

                                                                          Erin is currently enrolled in University of West Florida's Undergraduate GIS Certificate program as well as with American Military University, pursuing an Associate Degree in Human Resources. She holds an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies and a certificate in Hazardous Waste Management from AMU. She really likes school. And Starbucks. And memes...

                                                                          What we like: Erin went above and beyond this week! Erin's UWF campus/ eagle nest map absolutely spectacular. Her main map provided an easy transition to her inset regarding the geographic location of the eagle nest. SHe also accurately identified the buffer zones in her legend as 'Conservation easement' and 'Protection area'. She created a clean, easy to interpret map We also like the icon she chose to show her aerials in her legend on the ArcScene map. Way to rock it, Erin!

                                                                          Come back next week for the Student Spotlight from Cartography!

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