Thursday, May 22, 2014

Programming Student Spotlight!

GIS4102 GIS Programming, Dr. Derek Morgan

Introduction to Python

In this week's lab, the student practiced using the different Python interfaces, and then prepared for future assignments in this course by completing a process summary, writing a blog post, and submitting basic deliverables. Graduate Students had an additional writing assignment.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Use the IDLE (Python GUI) interactive window
  • Use the PythonWin interactive window
  • Save and run a script in PythonWin
  • Use the ArcGIS Interactive Python Window
  • Run a script using PythonWin
  • Successfully complete a process summary
  • Successfully create a blog based on the module
  • Successfully complete a module by submitting all deliverables


The following student was chosen for their exceptional work on the Introduction to Python assignment:

Valerie Woelfel 

About Valerie:  Valerie is currently an Archaeological Illustrator and has been for almost 30 years!  While pursuing a BA in studio art, she decided to take a few summer archaeological courses, and thus stumbled across the career path she is still on.  This career has successfully combined her love for art, history, archaeology, and travel.  After working on several digs as an archaeological illustrator, she feels GIS is the next logical step to add to her job skills and expand her employment opportunities!  Like many of us involved with field research she is not in this field for the money, but rather the memories and experiences gained.  Way to kick off our spotlights this semester Valerie!

What we like: Valerie really kicked off the semester her write-up! She sufficiently summarized the article and addressed how the methodology related to the topics covered in class thus far, algorithms via pseudocode in this case. While not all topics covered in the article were completely understood, she successfully extracted the meaning and its application to her work!  This provided us with a good example of what we expect from our graduate students in this class. She also successfully ran her first code to set up her folder system for this class. Great job, Valerie!

Let the summer spotlights begin!

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