Friday, June 6, 2014

Applications in Archaeology Spotlight!

GIS4260 Applications in Archaeology, Dr. Scott Palumbo

Historic Records and Documents: Paul Revere and the Freedom Trail

Sources of historic information are numerous, and in many cases are essential tools for ‘reconstructing’ and interpreting the historic landscape.  Images, maps, and documents can serve as sources for quantitative data, may be digitized for incorporation into a map document, or may be linked directly to a document for easy visualization and reference.  The possibilities for utilizing historic documents in a GIS format are endless, and the importance of knowing where to find these sources of information, how to interpret them, and how to incorporate them into a GIS framework is a useful skill in the archaeologist’s toolset. 

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Locate, evaluate and interpret sources of historic information online
  • Link historic images and documents into a map document for visualization and report production 
  • Link HTML site to a map document for enhanced resources interpretation and additional resources
  • Gain familiarity with ArcGIS Online and user-created shared interactive maps


The following student was chosen for their exception work on the Historic Records and Documents-Paul Revere and the Freedom Trail assignment:

Ty Evans 

About Ty:  Ty is from Las Vegas, Nevada and is in the process of completing his second bachelor’s degree, and this go around he is majoring in Archaeology.  Ty is a member of the program’s Archaeology tract, and decided to further his GIS experience after taking a few courses through Nevada community colleges.   After tackling those courses, he had thirst for more!  Upon completing the program Ty is hoping to begin an archaeological career with the National Park Service or other government agency within the Southwest/Great Basin region.  Besides GIS his other interests include: Archaeology, Philosophy, Literature, Classic and Foreign Movies, jazz, hiking, camping, photography, cosmology, listening to good music, and reading his favorite books.  Welcome to the spotlight Ty!

What we like:  Ty created a wonderful map layout that effectively balances both the cartographic and documentary information in the module. He also demonstrated the ability to go above and beyond by utilizing the Adobe Illustrator skills he had learned in his earlier Cartography class to add a professional feel to his presentation.  Excellent work applying skills from previous coursework onto new deliverables, well done Ty!

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