Friday, July 25, 2014

GIS Programming Student Spotlight!

GIS4102 GIS Programming, Dr. Derek Morgan

Working with Geometries

This assignment introduced using Python to work with spatial data in ArcMap. Specifically, students focused on reading and writing geometry objects (aka Vector data).

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Work with geometry objects and multipart features,
  • Read and write geometries
  • Using geometry tokens
  • Accessing feature vertices
  • Understanding different types of cursors


The following student was chosen for their exceptional work on the Working with Geometries assignment:

Jose Falconett 

About Jose: Jose is from Ocala, Florida and works as a mitigation specialist for the Florida Forest Service.  He received his undergraduate degree in Geography and enrolled in the GIS certificate program to expand his technical skillset in GIS.  When not working with GIS, Jose has a passion for cycling and swimming, and what better a place than Florida for those two activities.  Welcome to the spotlight Jose!

What we like:  In the course of teaching a class, one of the most rewarding events that can happen is to see a student who works really hard and grows and improves in the topic of instruction.  In an online-format class, it’s not always easy for a student to demonstrate these qualities in a virtual format.  However, Jose Falconett is one such student who has shown him to be driven and successful in a way that has impressed the instructor and the teaching assistant alike. Mr. Falconett has been attended nearly all of the weekly virtual office hours and asked great question during these meetings.  He has also been regularly active on the discussion forums with his fellow student showing an impressive level of class participation.

On his lab this week, we liked Jose’s attention to detail on his script and his willingness to ask questions in the difficult parts. Jose is one of the most improved students this semester and has been getting better in not only his labs, but also the write-ups that are required for the graduate students.

Mr. Falconett is in his third semester of the graduate GIS Certificate program.  He is professionally employed at the Florida Forest Service.  We hope that his new knowledge of python programming helps him to grow in his geospatial career.  Congratulations Jose!

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