Thursday, November 6, 2014

Special Topics in GIS Student Spotlight!!

GIS4930 Special Topics in GIS, Instructor Amber Bloechle

Module 3 - Statistical Analysis of Methamphetamine Laboratory Busts in West Virginia, USA with ArcGIS Analyze Week

Lab description - In this project we performed an Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) regression analysis to try and determine if any socio-economic variables affect the location of meth labs using the OLS tool and ESRI's 6 step method. Deliverables this week included the Methods section of our report as well as the final OLS results table and a map showing StdResidual results from final OLS model.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Review regression analysis basics, ordinary least squares and geographic weighted regression.
  • Define dependent and independent variables for regression analysis.
  • Run ordinary least squares model. 
  • Complete 6 checks for OLS results to determine which variables are significant/non-significant.

The following student was chosen for their exceptional work on the Statistical Analysis of Methamphetamine Laboratory Busts in West Virginia, USA with ArcGIS Analyze Week assignment:

Brian Roche 

About Brian: Brian hails from St. Louis, Missouri and is currently serving in the US Army.  Already looking ahead to being a civilian again, Brian is taking on the GIS certificate to increase his skillset, and hopefully land a job with the US government!   Outside of GIS, he enjoys a number of hobbies including:  golf, baking, reading history, playing the violin, and travel.  Welcome to the spotlight Brian!

What we like: Brian gave a through, yet summarized report on his analysis methods, incorporating the use of ESRI's 6 step methodology in a concise manner. His map successfully displayed the results of his OLS model and to top things off he clearly went above and beyond to ensure his audiences understanding of the material by including a text box explaining the meaning behind standard residual values.  Fantastic job this week, Brian! Keep up the good work!

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