Monday, January 26, 2015

Student Spotlight 1/19-1/23/2015

GIS 4043 Introduction to GIS

Congratulations to Liz Roycraft for being selected as this week's student spotlight!  Check out Liz's blog here - Liz Roycraft GIS Coursework.  Liz currently resides in the western Sierra Nevada Mountains in California and is an avid hiker and camper.  When not enjoying the great outdoors, she likes to cook, read and listen to music.  GIS has been an integral part of her work life for many years working as a Field Archaeologist (most recently for the Stanislaus NF).   Liz is our first spotlight of 2015 and we think she is a shining example of our new student cohort.  Way to go Liz!!!

ArcGIS Overview Lab

This lab was assigned with the course orientation and the very first lab of the course. As the title implicates, it’s a lab that provides a hands-on overview of ArcGIS. Additionally, it’s designed to help prepare students for what to expect of lab assignments on a weekly basis and is viewed as a practice run. Students surprised us with their ability to take basic, practice lab and turn it into a grand thing. I’m really excited to see the work from this very talented group of students!

Upon completion of lab, students will be familiar with commonly used tools in ArcMap, loading data, shapefiles, basic symbology, data view vs. layout view, and process of building a map. We cover file extension basics, how to export an mxd to jpeg, and how to submit items for grade on the course site and on personal blogs. With this assignment, we are checking to make sure students made it through the lab and were able to submit a result for grade. Part of that grade comes from posting a final map to the blog, so we were also looking at how their blogs were set up. In short, this lab is a loaded assignment and students were quite busy the first week of class.

Why was Liz selected? Liz did an excellent job on her ArcGIS Overview map submission and setting up her blog according to program specifications. Her map includes a meaningful title and intuitive color choices for both the data and background. We also liked how she displayed her legend so it is still easy to read, but does not take away from the data being presented.

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