Friday, February 13, 2015

GIS Internship - Let's get to work!

GIS4944/5945, GIS Internship, Instructor, Mrs. Leah Lewis, GISP


The following student was chosen to highlight their current GIS internship experience.

Steve Hafner (Student blog)

Steve is currently enrolled in GIS Internship and has completed many of the certificate courses.  He will wrap up the certificate in December of 2015.   Steve previously earned his undergraduate degree from UWF in Marine Biology.  In addition to mastering GIS, Steve works full time at the Elbow Room in Pensacola.  If you haven't been there - you are definitely missing out!

Internship Background - Steve is currently working with the Marine Resources Division of Escambia County under the leadership of Shelly Martin and Robert Turpin.  Steve will spend his time with a mixture of office mapping and in the field recording seagrass habitat data.  In the end, Steve will be working with the team to create a interactive habitat map.  GIS Online and UWF's Environmental Science Department have sent many interns to work with Escambia County.  It's a great place to work and we appreciate their commitment to our program.

Welcome to the spotlight Steve.  It's pretty cold here in Pensacola today - perhaps this will warm up your weekend!
Heart-shaped (cordiform) map projection by French cartographer Oronce Finé, found in Recens et integra orbis descriptio (Recent and complete description of the world), published in 1536.  Happy almost Valentine's Day!

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