Wednesday, March 4, 2015

GIS Internships - Let's get to work!

GIS4944/5945, GIS Internship, Instructor, Mrs. Leah Lewis, GISP


The following student was chosen to highlight their current GIS internship experience.

Jose Falconett (click to check out his program blog)

Jose is a currently enrolled in the graduate extended GIS certificate plan.  He is on track to wrap up all courses in the next few semesters.  Jose resides in Ocala, Florida, and has a very diverse background ranging from management in the health care industry to work with the Florida Forest Service.   We are very happy that Jose has chosen GIS Online @ UWF to further his education.  

Internship Background - Jose is currently working with the City of Ocala's Public Works Department.  Types of projects he is working on include, map creation for city stormwater, FEMA analysis, and AutoCad conversions.  It sounds like Jose is a busy intern!  Congratulations on your achievement and keep up the good work!

Looking for an intern or partnership with UWF and GIS Online, please contact Leah Lewis at to find out how our students can help you!  

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