Thursday, April 2, 2015

Student Spotlight - Introduction to GIS

GIS 4043/L Introduction to GIS
Amber Bloechle, Instructor

Congratulations to Kelly Broomfield for being selected as this week's student spotlight!  Check out Kelly's blog here - Kelly's Blog .  Kelly works at Hurlburt Field, Florida and serves with the United State Air Force.  He is a Geospatial Analyst who has a strong background in remote sensing.  By taking the GIS courses at UWF, Kelly hopes to increase his marketability and boost his geospatial skillset upon retirement from the service.  Welcome to the spotlight!  This was a doozy of a lab and you rocked it!!

Weeks 7 & 8 : Data Search Lab

The Data Search Lab brings all of the concepts that students have learned so far into one awesome project.  This lab can be quite stressful but in the end, students leave with a sense of pride that they have conquered the task of building a GIS project from scratch.  Here are the learning outcomes for the exercise.  

Learning Outcomes:
  • Review and record metadata for data coming from multiple sources
  • Select GIS data that meets the needs of a defined project (scale, attributes, geographic extent, time sensitive, software being used or required format)
  • Download data from online sources
  • Practice data management of GIS data coming from multiple sources
  • Detect and correct data errors for use in a GIS
  • Intelligently select a geographic projection to be used in a defined project
  • Detect and correct geographic projection issues
  • Reproject data from Albers to UTM 
  • Utilize select by location and clip tools in ArcGIS to isolate a study area
  • View selected records and create a new map layer from selected feature
  • Create easy to interpret maps presenting multiple downloaded data layers using ArcGIS

Kelly did an amazing job of displaying and presenting the data for this project. I really like that he took the time to make all of his maps look like they came from the same project and help tell a story. 

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