Wednesday, March 9, 2016

GIS4043/L - Introduction to GIS - Student Spotlight

Instructor: Amber Bloechle, TA: Deidra Krolikowski

Labs 7 & 8:  The Start of a Geographic Adventure!

This week's lab was the Data Search Lab.  The goal of this lab was to:

  1. Download freely available raster and vector data for a specified FL county;
  2. Line it up in ArcGIS with a common projection;
  3. Create a useful, easy to read map.

While this doesn't seem complicated, making sure the projections match, getting the newest set of data, and arranging it can be difficult.

Manny Miranda! Manny comes to us from North Dartmouth Massachusetts working for National Grid as a Distribution Designer in the Electrical Industry. He also shows his love of animals with his dog, bird, and 2 cats!

Manny's map demonstrates a fantastic use of insets for highlighting important information, and centering the legend between all 3 makes a great design choice! Using a Point File to show Invasive Plants over a Land Cover file highlights the concentration in specific areas clearly and concisely.

Follow Manny's progress at his student blog:


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