Tuesday, May 31, 2016

GIS5100 – Applications in GIS - Student Spotlight

Module #1:  Suitability Analysis

In this module’s lab assignment students were asked to carry out a Boolean suitability analysis using both vector data and raster data. For the final part of the assignment student were given case study data and asked to conduct and compare an equally rated suitability model with an alternatively weighted one. The content of this module went beyond introductory concepts and forced students to think critically about their results and conclusions. And the STUDENT SPOTLIGHT AWARD goes to... Samuel Song! 

Samuel currently works for the General Services Administration (GSA) as a Facility Space Manager maintaining Federal buildings in AutoCAD. Samuel completed this first module with a cheerful attitude noting that while the lab was challenging, “GIS professionals are problems solvers…” In addition to answering correctly most of the lab deliverable questions, Samuel did a great job designing the final deliverable of pulling the results of the two different suitability analysis techniques together in one map. Not only is his final map symbology quite effective, but the overall map layout is visually balanced and maintains a good hierarchical organization. 

Follow Samuel’s progress at his student blog:  http://samuelsong80.blogspot.com 

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