Monday, July 18, 2016

GIS 5100 – GIS Applications - Student Spotlight

Module #5:  Spatial Accessibility Modeling

Module 5's lab assignment required students to work with network-related GIS data to create a spatial accessibility model. Students were asked to work through a simple example of measuring spatial accessibility. Then, they were tasked with completing a more complex spatial accessibility analysis using network analysis skills obtained through the earlier lab work.

The STUDENT SPOTLIGHT AWARD goes to... Taylor Moore! 

Taylor excelled in this lab. Not only did he answer nearly all of the deliverable questions correctly, but he also produced a final map deliverable that illustrates some of the finer approaches to cartographic design (e.g. good map balance, color choice and typographic support). See for yourself:

Taylor has consistently delivered quality work this semester in GIS5100. Further, he has been active in the class both on the discussion forums (helping others) and engaged in the material by establishing an effective and positive dialog with the instructor when the material presented challenges. For instance, after asking a question to a class regarding one of the deliverables in this module, he took the time to later reply to his original post explaining how he figured out the answer. Finally, all of his blog posts have been narrated well and are very professional looking. 

Follow Taylor’s progress at his student blog:

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