Thursday, October 20, 2016

GIS 5935 – Special Topics in GIS - Student Spotlight

Module #4 - Building Networks

Lab 4 in our graduate level Special Topics course had students becoming familiar with the process of creating a functioning network for use in network analysis in GIS. After proceeding through Network Analyst tutorials that come with ArcGIS, students put their network building skills to work. They were provided with a general geodatabase and were asked to create a functioning network from the inputs.

In this spotlight we would like to recognize Michelle Felde. Michelle is completing her GIS graduate certificate from the Great Lakes State of Michigan. It has been great to have Michelle in the class! She is very active in the student discussion forums and helps to move the class forward with her thoughtful questions and responses. Below is an output map that Michelle produced as a part of her final route analysis. Follow her progress on her blog at

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