Sunday, November 26, 2017

GIS 5935 - Special Topics in GIS - Student Spotlight

Module 8: Surface Interpolation

Lab 8 in Special Topics had students carrying out different surface interpolation techniques in GIS, including the Thiessen, IDW, and Spline. Also required was a critical interpretation of the results from surface interpolation techniques where students had to compare and contrast different surface interpolation techniques. This lab and the subjects is one of the more analytically rigorous topics that we cover. Comparing multiple interpolation techniques is an intermediate-to-advanced topic in GIS. Most of the student did great in this lab and were able to interpret comparative results within the context of map interpolation techniques.

In this spotlight, we would like to recognize Stuart Boyd! We have recognized Stuart’s work before, and he continues to set an example for his fellow students in the quality of work he produces.  One of the students’ final deliverables was to create a map layout of the difference between the two DEMs derived by the spline and IDW surface interpolation methods. Stuart’s map highlights his careful cartographic design choice and ability to capture/represent the analytical rigor of the methods utilized.  Notice the effective use of map insets and hue in his thematic mapping here.  Great work, Stuart!