Friday, February 10, 2012

Week 2 "Student Spotlights"

The following students showed excellence on their "Own Your Map" lab submissions and posts.  An accomplishment well deserved!

Alexis Sutter - Alexis currently works as an Irregular Warfare Analyst.
"I am very excited into diving into GIS.  I feel like once I have GIS/Environmental Science degree/Geography Masters Degree/along with other certificates I will make myself one of the most well rounded geospatial professionals in my line of work."

See her "Own Your Map" post

What we liked: Alexis did a great job of including important details in her process summary. Her map included all required elements, relevant title and easy to interpret design.

 Mohamed Magdy Mohamed Hussain - Mohamed has been working in the surveying engineering industry since 2003.  He looks forward to improving his skills in GIS in order to change his career path.

See his "Own Your Map" post

 What we liked: Mohamed did an excellent job on the map - it included all required elements and was very easy to interpret.  He also created an ideal process summary.

Shane Smith - (not pictured) We think Shane has done a nice job of "Owning" his map (below)... take a look at his blog for more examples.

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