Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week 3 Student Spotlights

Week 3 assignment came from ESRI's Learning ArcGIS Desktop virtual campus course.  The course introduces the fundamental concepts of GIS and the major functionality contained in ArcGIS® Desktop software. Students completed select modules and were required to complete two maps and a process summary. 

The following students did exceptional work with the assignment:

Katherine Michael - A Maritime Studies major at the University of West Florida completing the University of West Florida GIS certificate program as a minor.  

What we liked: We like how Katherine included  details about each property. She went beyond the requirements of the assignment and the information is useful. 

More: follow Katherine's GIS blog


 Alex Fowlkes -a geography major at JSU graduating in the summer. After taking a few GIS courses at JSU, he knew he wanted to further his knowledge in the field.

What we liked:  The layout and call-out boxes for labels.

More: follow Alex's GIS Blog 

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