Friday, April 20, 2012

Week 10 Data Editing Student Spotlights

This week, learned how to modify existing data and create new features in an existing dataset. These Editing Sessions are powerful tools in GIS, and a bulk of the day-to-day work of GIS professionals.

Exercise Objectives:
  • Merge two parcels into one feature
  • Select parcels based on certain criteria
  • Update a road feature’s geometry to match surroundings
  • Digitize a new road feature
  • Create map of up-to-date features

Cograts to this week's Student Spotlights!

Roger Huron 

Roger recently completed the US Marine Corps and is currently employed by the United States Department of Justice.  He became interested in GIS after his wife (a geography major) took a GIS class.  Welcome to the spotlight, Roger! 

What we like: Really detailed map design. Data frames are a nice touch.
More: see Roger's blog.


Kira Kefer

Kira lives in Idaho and works as a staff assistant for an engineering consulting firm.  She chose the GIS Certificate as a way to enhance her career.  When not at her computer, Kira enjoys outdoor activities like fishing and bow hunting.  Oh, and don’t forget about hockey – Go Sun Valley Suns!

What we like: Really nice map inset and good use of symbology tools.
More: see Kira's blog


Collier Kidd 

Collier is from a small town in SW Georgia and works as a forestry technician in Albany, Georgia.  He is on the road to obtaining his GISP certification and is the proud dad of an almost two year old.  Great job this semester, Collier! 

What we like: One of Collier's best maps this semester. Easy to interpret map.
More: see Collier's blog.

Gabrielle Johnson 

Gabby is a senior here at UWF majoring in Environmental Studies.  She lives in Ft. Walton Beach and when not at school or mastering GIS at home, she can be found with her daughter Bella or at the beach.  Anyone with a coastal GIS project? – Gabby is your answer.  Nice job!

What we like: This is her best map this semester!
More: see Gabby's blog.

Robert Josey

What we like: Nice placement of data and color choices. Map layout is clean.
More:  see Robert's blog.





John Kearney 

 John lives in Perry, Florida with his wife and is employed as a fire fighter/ forest ranger for the Florida Forestry Service.  He is a graduate of UCF (University of Central Florida) and became interested in GIS while managing over 800 acres of land.  Awesome job in the program and for the environment!  We appreciate all that you do! 

What we like: Really nice design and layout
More:   see John's blog.

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