Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 7 Data Search Student Spotlights

In this lab, students were required to download data from three online sources and to create 1-3 maps that best represent the data on their own with little instruction. Defining a common projection, getting all data layers to "fit" and determining the best way to present the data were no doubt the biggest obstacles students faced. All of our students did great job tackling this project and the following students excelled. 

Congrats to this week's Student Spotlights!

Alex Fowlkes  

 Alex impresses us on a weekly basis with his work.  This is his second time making the spotlight and it's well deserved. Take a look at his blog to see why.
What we like: Excellent map design... glowing even.

M. Magdy Hussain

Magdy produces great work consistently.  You'll find his maps to be accurate, clean and easy to interpret. Yes, this means if you aren't already following his blog, you definitely should. Welcome back, Magdy!

What we like: Magdy probably split the data over three maps the best of all. Data is presented clearly.  Labels and legends are easy to view as well. As Tanya put it, superb.

Shane Smith

Shane is another one of our students who produces excellent maps on a weekly basis. If you aren't already following his blog - yup, you should. Welcome back, Shane!  

What we like: We really like the map layouts in this series. The colors and placement of elements are well chosen and balanced. This particular map has great detail.

Shannon Riley

Shannon is a Government Emergency Specialist, a Command Post Controller with the Air Force and a mom. She's used GIS to map national security incidents and weather phenomena to provide situational awareness to key military personnel. I'm excited to include Shannon in this week's student spotlight line-up.

What we like: Easy to interpret maps with everything we were looking for. I like that Shannon chose to use classic black and white for elevation in Suwanee. She added the correct units to her DEM! For some reason, not many students got this part right... but, who am I kidding? We excite easily :)
Brian's background is in IT and communications electronics in the Air Force.  His current job in Midland, TX is with a seismic exploration company in the oil and gas industry and the survey/mapping department. Welcome to the spotlight, Brian!

What we like: Good job of presenting environmental themed data in a single map.

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