Thursday, October 18, 2012

Photo Interpretation and Remote Sensing Student Spotlights...

This week we will be highlighting student’s work from the Remote Sensing Course's Ground Truthing and Accuracy Assessment Project. 

Ground Truthing and Accuracy Assessment Project Highlights

What is ground truthing?  It entails visiting a site to verify attributes located at a given location. First, students determined the locations on the map to be ground truthed (i.e. sample). Next, they “travel” to those locations on Google Maps to determine the true Land Use Land Cover (LULC) of each location using the same list and level of LULC classified in a previous lab. If the street view indicates the same LULC as your map’s classification, that spot is marked as true. If the location is found to have a different use or cover, mark it as false. Once all the locations have been checked, students use the ratio of “true” results to the total number checked to determine the percent accuracy of the classification.

  • Construct an unbiased sampling system
  • Locate and identify features using Google Maps street view
  • Calculate the accuracy of a Land Use/Land Cover classification map

Please join us in congratulating David Jenness and Joshua Harding. Their deliverables for the Ground Truthing Project were exactly what we were looking for with this assignment.

Student Spotlight Awards

David Jenesses:

About David: David works for the Suwanee River Water Management District in Live Oak, Florida in the IT department.  He completed his GIS internship earlier this year and has a career goal becoming a GIS programmer.  We hope you enjoy your time in the spotlight!

What we like: Excellent cartographic skills!  David was careful to include comprehensive land use and land cover throughout the study area, used complementing colors to distinguish types and also had a high percentage of accuracy.  Great job of "owning" your map! 


About Josh: Josh is a graduate of the University of Florida and is currently interning at Alachua County Habitat for Humanity office in Gainesville, Florida. Josh would describe himself as a raster because sometimes he can be pixelated and rigid and then other times I can be a hi-res smooth dude.  Nice!  Welcome to the spotlight Josh, unpack and stay awhile.  
What we like: 
Clear depiction of ground truthing locations and accuracy.  Excellent map layout!   

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