Monday, November 5, 2012

Student Spotlights: Special Topics in GIS in Archaeology

This week we will be highlighting student’s work from the Special Topics in GIS for Archaeology Course's Scythian Burial Mounds Project. 

Scythian Burial Mounds Project Highlights

Who are the Scythians? The Scythians were a group of culturally similar nomadic, horse-riding pastoralists who inhabited a vast area ranging from central Asia and Russia to Romania and the Ukraine and north of the Black Sea between the 8th century B.C. and the 2nd century A.D. This project presented to students the skills of combining information about a past culture and location in order to model the spatial relationship between archaeological sites and their surrounding landscape. First, students identified and collected data necessary for modeling spatial relationships of archaeological sites. Next, students referenced and implemented predictive modeling tools. Finally, students ran a regression analysis on their data and created a report based on the interpretation of their statistical results.

  • Run a regression analysis on the Scythian data
  • Interpret statistical results
  • Express predictions statistically via written report

Student Spotlight Awards

Please join us in congratulating Angela Matusik. Her deliverables for the Scythian Report Week were exactly what we were looking for with this assignment.

Angela Matusik

About Angela: Angela received her traditional GIS Certificate in Spring 2012 and returned to the program this Summer and Fall to add the Archaeology certificate to her list of accomplishments. In addition to taking courses in the Online GIS Program, Angela is a student in the online Maritime Studies program at the University of West Florida. She currently resides on a navy base in the Bahamas where she works full time as a civilian contractor for the Environmental, Health, and Safety Department. She dreams of one day working for the Department of Interior doing a combination of GIS and archaeology and/or environmental protection type work. Based on the skills she’s demonstrated in the program thus far, we’re confident Angela will one day make that dream a reality. Great work this week, Angela! We hope you enjoy your time in the spotlight!

What we like: Excellent cartographic skills! Angela carefully planned out the layout and design of her map making certain to present the data frames as well as the graph in a way that was visually pleasing. She diligently included all of her essential map elements as well as an inset to help demonstrate the exact location of the study area. Great job of "owning" your map!      

Angela Matusik's Scythian Report Document

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