Tuesday, February 19, 2013

GIS3015 Cartographic Skills Student Spotlight- Data Classification

GIS3015 Cartographic Skills, Instructor, Mrs. Trisha Holtzclaw

Data Classification

In this lab we compared and demonstrated the four methods of classification generally used for mapping using census data for Escambia County. We utilized ArcGIS to prepare a map with four data frames and reviewed the process to manually change class breaks in ArcGIS.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Analyze the different methods of data classification.
  • Compare the basic principles of symbolization (choropleth, proportional, isopleth, and dot)
  • Determine which statistic, graph, or data classification method will be best for a given data set.
  • Determine the appropriate symbolization


The following student was chosen for her exceptional work on the Data Classification assignment:

Robyn Frelich 

About Name: Robyn works as a GIS Analyst in Tampa and lives in Plant City, Florida - the Winter Strawberry Captital. She spends most of her day working with engineers on transportation planning issues. Outside of work, Robyn spends most of time with her young daughter and step-son. Hmmm... wonder if she has plans to take them to the Florida Strawberry Festival that starts on the 28th? Welcome to the limelight - enjoy your stay!

What we like: Robyn utilized the entire map area to show her work in a visually pleasing manner. She also had great map design and layout.

"In addition to creating a map with the four different classification types, we were asked to create one map using the data classification that best shows the data. I chose the Natural Break data classification. This classification type in my opinion allocated the data into classes that made the most sense for what we were showing."

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