Monday, October 28, 2013

Special Topics in GIS Student Spotlight

GIS4930 Special Topics in GIS, Mrs. Amber Bloechle

Network Analyst Report Week

This week we produced a range of final deliverables all centered around emergency preparedness in the event of a hurricane in Tampa, FL. The scenario deliverables are as follows:
Scenario 1 - Evacuation of patients from Tampa General Hospital on Davis Islands. Information to be printed on pamphlets to be distributed to patients and their families.
Scenario 2 - Distribution of emergency supplies by U.S. Army National Guard to three storm shelters. Crude maps to be issued to delivery crew & emergency workers
Scenario 3 - (Graduate Students Only)- Creation of multiple evacuation routes for downtown Tampa. Informational map for distribution by television and newspaper (designed in Adobe Illustrator)
Scenario 4- Presentation of shelter locations to public. Informational map for distribution by television and newspaper (designed in Adobe Illustrator)
Finally, two maps of our choice (Scenario 1-4) posted to our personal course blog  

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Design pamphlet for general public audience for patient evacuation routes/information 
  • Design delivery route maps for supply delivery 
  • Design informational maps for television/newspaper audience for evacuation routes 


The following student was chosen for their exception work on the Network Analyst Report Week assignment:

Michael Collins

About Michael: Mike graduated in 2010  from Southern Illinois University, with a B.S. in Geography. He just spent the last two years as an AmeriCorps VISTA, serving in Wyoming and Illinois.  What interests him the most about GIS is the variety of industries that it can be used in, and the limitless possibilities that come with it. He describes himself as a raster because he am a complex person, and it takes a lot of pixels to make him! Welcome to the spotlight, Michael!

What we like: Michael's final products were just what we were looking or this week! He followed the content and design requirements well and made the extra push to go above and beyond. His news media map is an excellent example of a map that one would typically see during such a weather event. Keep up the good work, Michael!

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