Monday, November 4, 2013

Internship Student Spotlight

GIS4944/5945, GIS Internship, Instructor, Mrs. Leah Lewis, GISP

GIS Internships - Let's get to work!


The following student was chosen to highlight their current GIS internship experience.  

Ritza Anitsakis 

About Ritza: Ritza (which rhymes with pizza) graduated from Texas A&M with a B.S. in Spatial Science in May 2011. She now works as a GIS Analyst for Surveying and Mapping, Inc. (SAM, Inc.) Ritza spends most of her time researching and interpreting source records and documents along with producing special graphic layouts that combine various data from sources to produce complex plots using GIS software. In addition to this, her works also requires her to plan and sequence processing steps for database creation, application, display, and document production along with preforming a variety of analytical studies related to the development and implementation of the GIS system. She finds GIS interesting because there is no limit in what it can be used for. She learns about new ways that GIS can be applied everyday and those discoveries keep the profession exciting! When asked if she would describe herself as a vector or a raster, Ritza says that she would say vector because she's a small yet intricate person and she tries to appear smooth no matter how big or small a situation she is in. Welcome to the spotlight, Ritza!

Tune in next week for a spotlight on a lucky Remote Sensing student!

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