Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It's Fall Ya'll!

Fall is going to be a wonderful semester! We anticipate a lot of fun outreach opportunities and some exciting new changes to share with our students. 

We have some new faces in the GIS Online office:
  • Mr. Cody Dockens will be the graduate teaching assistant for Remote Sensing and Photo Interpretation.  
  • Dr. Derek Morgan to the MSA program. While Dr. Morgan has taught courses with the certificate in the past, he is now on campus in the Earth and Environmental Sciences department and getting accustomed to the area. He is currently teaching the first course to be offered from the MSA GIS Core: GIS 6005 Communicating GIS. 
Welcome, Cody and Derek! We are so glad you are here!

We also must say goodbye to both Ms. Leah Lewis and Mr. Peter Tereszkiewicz this semester. They both contributed so much to the certificate program and we wish them both the very best in their future endeavors!

The certificate course lineup is great this semester. It includes:
  • GIS 4930 - Special Topics in GIS with Amber Bloechle and Deidra Krowlikowski,
  • GIS 4035/L - Remote Sensing & Photo Interpretation with Brian Fulfrost,
  • GIS 5935 - Special Topics in GIS with Paul Zandbergen,
  • GIS 4944 - GIS Internship with Amber Bloechle and Salina Randall facilitating the courses and
  • GIS 5945 - GIS Internship with Derek Morgan and Salina Randall facilitating the course.
Make sure to hit the ground running! We will begin our weekly spotlight schedule next week.

It's nice to be back – we’ve missed you

Salina Randall

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