Thursday, July 30, 2015

GIS Online Student Spotlight - Natalie Gusack

Congratulations to Natalie Gusack on being named GIS Online Student Spotlight for her outstanding leadership in GIS Programming (GIS 5103).  

Natalie (far right) and family at a Texas Tech football game.
Welcome to the spotlight Natalie! You have been selected as student spotlight this week for your willingness to help others in the course and serve as a beacon of "light" to students in need.  As a graduate student in the GIS Online Program, we are thrilled with your progress in this course as well as getting a head start on your internship.  Congratulations and keep up the great work! 

To follow Natalie's work throughout the program, check out her blog at GIS Adventures.

Module 8: Geoprocessing with Python (cont.)
Instructor: Dr. Derek Morgan 
Over the past couple of modules students have worked with spatial data models using the Python Programming skills that they have been refining all semester. Module 8 introduced students to methods for programmatically reading and writing vector geospatial data (aka geometries). The topic of this module is integral to GIS programming.

Student Leaning Outcomes:
  • Work with geometry objects, multipart features, polygons with holes, raster objects, and the ArcPy Spatial Analyst module
  • Read and write geometries
  • Use cursors to set the spatial reference
  • Use geometry objects to work with geoprocessing tools
  • Accessing feature vertices

  • Understanding different types of cursors

What we like: Natalie is excelling in tackling these essential topics! Her blog post illustrates her experience during this part of the course. Further, Natalie has been an important part of the weekly virtual office hour discussions. Her questions and professionalism serve as an excellent example to others on how to positively communicate in a group setting. Along with being a student at UWF she is a Pathways Student Intern for the Tampa Bay National Weather Service (NWS) Office. As a graduate student she is planning to bring some of her internship experience to the classroom by applying some of what she is learning at her internship (Rainfall in forecast polygons) to the topic of GIS Programming.


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