Wednesday, July 8, 2015

GIS Online Student Spotlight - Gail Sease

Congratulations to Gail Sease on being named GIS Online Student Spotlight for her outstanding work in GIS Programming (GIS 5103).  


Welcome to the spotlight Gail! Summer 2015 is Gail's final semester in the Graduate GIS Certificate Program.  She has been a dedicated member of our student body for the past few semesters and I know we will all miss her!  Outside the certificate program, Gail works as a geologist in California.  During her internship this past spring, she worked with her dad's small mineral exploration company analyzing geographic data.  Welcome to the spotlight Gail - you rock!  Hehe :)

To follow Gail's work throughout the program, check out her blog at Gail's GIS Blog.

Module 6: Geoprocessing with Python
Instructor: Dr. Derek Morgan

This week, students built on previous exercises and wrote their first GIS python script purely from scratch. This script added XY coordinates to a shapefile, created a buffer around these points, then executed a dissolve on the buffer to create a single feature layer. Additionally, they learned to utilize the GetMessages() function to return geoprocessing messages.

Student Leaning Outcomes:

  • Adjust your geoprocessing environment
  • Run geoprocessing functions within ArcMap via Python
  • Use geoprocessing parameters and variables programmatically
  • Distinguish syntax signature between ArcPy functions and classes
  • Using geoprocessing tools
  • Getting help with tool syntax
  • Explore ArcPy functions and classes
  • Control environment settings
  • Work with tool messages
  • Work with licenses

Gail successfully completed all parts of the assignment with flying colors! Her blog post is extremely detailed and something to be proud of and she did a great job describing the steps taken to complete this module. Within her blog post she took the time to position informative figures (screenshot images) that correspond well with her textual descriptions of the steps she took. While doing this she gave each figure is given an informative label. Gail has also been a helpful presence on the discussion board helping her fellow students. Along with answering other student questions from her own coursework experience, she has provided helpful feedback that has helped to keep discussions moving in a positive direction.

Next week, we will spotlight a student from GIS 4048 - Applications in GIS, Instructor:  Penelope Mitchell. 

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