Wednesday, July 1, 2015

GIS Online Student Spotlight - Heather Moncrief

Congratulations to Heather Moncrief on being named GIS Online Student Spotlight for her outstanding work in Applications in GIS (GIS 5100).  


Welcome to the spotlight Heather!  Heather is a graduate student in the Biology Department here at UWF and will earn her MS in Biology at the end of the summer.  Go Heather go!!  When not in class, she works as an OPS Fish and Wildlife Technician with Florida Fish and Wildlife (FWC).  At work she conducts surveys and performs biological sampling for recreational fishing.  Heather is quite busy with school, work, and volunteering with a non-profit in California where she looks at sevengill shark populations.    Heather - you have done an awesome job this week and we welcome you to the spotlight club.  Hopefully, you will have some time to relax this holiday weekend!

To follow Heather's work throughout the program, check out her blog at GIS Journey.


Week 3:  Watershed Analysis

Instructor:  Dr. Paul Zandbergen

In this lab assignment students completed all the steps necessary to delineate streams and watersheds from a Digital Elevation Model (DEM). Upon completion, students were able to compare the results produced from automated delineation with aerial imagery and assess accuracy.

Student Leaning Outcomes:
  • Become familiar typical procedures for stream and watershed delineation
  • Examine how a hydrologically correct DEM differs from an unprocessed DEM
  • Understand how flow direction and flow accumulation concepts are implemented in a raster environment, and used to create streams segment and catchment
  • Analyze differences in linear and area objects in vector and raster

For the final cartographic product students produced a map comparing the modeled streams and watersheds with the existing streams and watersheds. Heather’s submission went above and beyond on the craftsmanship. Her symbology maintained a high contrast to the DEM in the background, and her use of a drop shadow really made those data frames stand out! In terms of typography, the use of blue to denote water bodies and a halo around Kuauai were excellent choices. Ultimately these subtle design decisions were what set her submission apart! Awesome work Heather!

Next week, we will spotlight a student from GIS 4102 - GIS Programming taught by Dr. Derek Morgan. 

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