Monday, June 27, 2016

GIS 4102/5103 – GIS Programming - Student Spotlight

Module 5: Geoprocessing in ArcGIS

This week in GIS Programming (GIS 5103), students built on previous exercises and practiced several stages of geoprocessing, including making new tools with ArcGIS ModelBuilder, and converting models into scripts and script tools for GIS. For the assignment, students created model and script tools that perform two simple geoprocessing tasks. Further, they learned to share the scripts as a toolbox so that others could use their tools within a GIS environment. Below is an example of the script that students were asked to modify to accept parameters.

Dr. Derek Morgan, the course instructor, writes: Samuel successfully completed all parts of the assignment with flying colors! His blog post is extremely detailed and something to be proud of and he did a great job describing the steps taken to complete this module. Within his blog post he took the time to position informative figures (a flowchart) using the correct standard symbols illustrating the steps he took to automate the geoprocessing steps. 

Samuel has also been a helpful presence on the discussion board helping his fellow students both in this class and the other class he is taking this summer (Applications in GIS).  Along with answering other student's questions from his own coursework experience, he has provided helpful feedback that has helped to keep discussions moving in a positive direction. It is a pleasure to have him in the class. 

Follow Samuel’s progress at his student blog:

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