Tuesday, June 27, 2017

GIS 5103 – GIS Programming - Student Spotlight

Module 6: Geoprocessing

In module 6 GIS Programming (GIS 5103) students built on the previous weeks lab of geoprocessing with ArcGIS ModelBuilder, by considering how to automate workflows directly with Python scripting. For the assignment, students write a script that performs three separate geoprocessing functions: adding xy coordinates, creating a buffer and dissolving spatial features. As is required by all labs, students complete a flowchart depicting the logical flow of their scripts.  

This week, we would like to highlight the outstanding work of Robert “Taylor” Moore. Taylor’s flowchart is shown below illustrating how his script accomplished the three geoprocessing tasks:

Taylor successfully completed all parts of the assignment and the associated quiz with distinction! His blog post is extremely detailed and something to be proud of. He did a great job describing the steps taken to complete this module including an informative flowchart that used the correct standard symbols illustrating the steps he took to automate the geoprocessing steps. 

Taylor is currently work as an Environmental Specialist for a small consulting firm based at Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base. In a recent weekly virtual session Taylor discussed a potential topic for the end-of-semester project focused on automating via Python geoprocessing task for a work-related project. This is very exciting because we love to see students taking what they learn in the classroom into real work applications. We look forward to watching Taylor’s continued success with GIS. 

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