Thursday, July 20, 2017

GIS 4048 - GIS Applications - Student Spotlight

Module 7Minimum Essential Dataset (MEDS): Protect

The MEDS protect lab wrapped up our investigation of GIS in homeland security and law enforcement.  This was a two part lab, with students first compiling and preparing a Minimum Essential Dataset for the Boston Metropolitan Statistical Area, then using the MEDS to identify critical infrastructure, define security checkpoints, and set up clear view surveillance points in the vicinity of the Boston Marathon finish line location.

This week, we would like to highlight the outstanding work of Andrew Stevens!

Andrew did a great job compiling the critical infrastructure and surveillance maps.  The infrastructure map utilizes military template with an easy to use grid to facilitate ease of finding features.  The checkpoint inset map provides street labels so checkpoint locations are easily understood.  The locator inset map is set to the appropriate scale so the user easily understands where in Boston the event zone is located. Local level roads are included in the map, which is important as the Boston Marathon occurs on this street network, but the roads are symbolized subtly so the information does not overwhelm the map.  The surveillance map provides street information and incorporates enough transparency to see the aerial imagery beneath the viewshed dataset.  Each surveillance point is located by number and associated surveillance elevation height that will allow a clear line of sight.  The LOS with the most obstructions is presented in a graph so it is clear where the obstacles are located.  And again the locator inset map is set to a scale that communicates where in Boston this area is located.  

Excellent work Andrew!

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