Friday, October 17, 2014

Internship Student Spotlight!!

GIS4944/5945, GIS Internship, Instructor, Mrs. Leah Lewis, GISP

GIS Internships - Let's get to work!


The following student was chosen to highlight their current GIS internship experience.  

Jelly Riedel 

About Jelly: Jelly is currently enrolled in our graduate level certificate program were she is pursuing her true interests in environmental science.  She recently left the Navy with almost a decade of service and holds a bachelor's degree in applied mathematics.  Her first step after wrapping up her service including following her passion and enrolling in the GIS program here at UWF.  From there, she plans to move on to a master's program in environmental studies.  Outside of school, Jelly is married, with a busy 2.5 year old.  She also has two pet parrots (one true parrot, the other is a cockatiel), who are very demanding creatures. Her spare time involves a lot of reading, hiking, and zumba/dance fitness.

Jelly is currently interning with national DEVELOP program with NASA at Langley Research Center in Virginia.  At NASA, Jelly is working on the Coastal Mid-Atlantic Water Resources Project.  What an amazing opportunity for you!  Way to go and welcome to the spotlight. Working with NASA has the Celsius thermometer off the chart.  Astronaut helmets off to you!

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