Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Special Topics in GIS Spotlight!!

GIS5935 Special Topics in GIS, Dr. Paul Zandbergen

TINs and DEMs

Lab description - In this lab we examined TIN and DEM elevation models. We compared these two data models for elevation, as well as examined some of their properties. We also practice creating and modifying a TIN.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Create 3D visualizations of elevation models. 
  • Create and modify a TIN using various input datasets 
  • Compare TIN and DEM elevation models in terms of their properties and derivatives


The following student was chosen for their exceptional work on the TINs and DEMs Lab assignment:

Laura Simpkins 

About Luara: Laura lives in Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia with her husband and 2 kitties. She has an undergraduate degree in environmental science from University of Mary Washington in Virginia. Laura has interned with the park service at Grand Canyon NP and worked for the WV dept. of environmental protection in watershed management. Currently she is an environmental educator at a children's museum. She loves working with kids, but is ready for a new adventure. Laura joined this GIS program to gain some technical skills to help her set out on a new path hopefully in environmental resource management. She is interested in native plants, wetlands, rivers, streams, creeks, cricks, and playing in the woods. Welcome back to the spotlight, Laura!

What we like: Laura provided a solid comparison of elevation models in TIN and DEM formats and created strong visualizations to support her comparisons.  Pairing the visualization with a  great a symbology those sought after ski runs are now easier to see than ever!  Great job Laura, keep up the excellent work!

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