Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Photo Interpretation and Remote Sensing Student Spotlight!!

GIS4035 Photo Interpretation and Remote Sensing, Dr. Brian Fulfrost

Spectral Enhancement and Band Indices

Lab description - For this laboratory exercise, students examined an image of forest surrounding the Olympic Mountains in Washington State. They learned to use the different bands – or layers – of satellite imagery to better study the image. They also learned to calculate an index that will allow them to easily distinguish between vegetation and other features. 

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Explore Image Histograms
  • Operate the Inquire Cursor
  • Interpret histogram data in images
  • Utilize the “Help” menu effectively to locate ERDAS functions
  • Identify features by interpreting digital data


The following student was chosen for their exceptional work on the Spectral Enhancement and Band Indices lab assignment:

Stuart Fricke 

About Stuart: Stuart hails from the Pacific Northwest, currently residing in Pasco, Washington.  After completing a degree in economics in 1984, Stuart went on to finish a second BA in Finance by 1986 from Washington State University.  He decided to pursue the UWF Graduate Certificate program to enhance his technical capabilities and better his current business.  Since 1992, Stuart has been managing White Shield Inc. which specializes in surveying and mapping, environmental services, and quality control.  The business has been in the family since 1978, and they have additional offices in Bellevue, WA, and New Town, ND.  While his business takes up most of his time, Stuart makes plenty of room for his wife and two sons, church, and an occasional fishing or camping trip!  For all the time in between, Stuart can be found with a book or eReader in his hands!  Welcome to the Spotlight Stuart!!

What we like: Stuart's maps looks really good and demonstrated effective band combos. We like how the band combinations really made the feature stand out and how Stuart identified the specific feature on the map and included an inset map. He also included a written description of what was being highlighted on each map.  Way to go Stuart, keep up the excellent work!

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