Friday, February 12, 2016

GIS3015 - Cartographic Skills - Student Spotlight

Instructor: Penelope Bishop Mitchell, TA: Brandon Deusenberry

 Module 4: Cartographic Design

Module 4 leads into the merging of form and function in mapping, with the Gestalt Principles of perceptual organization. The assignment this week was to create a map of all schools in Washington D.C.'s Ward 7 district. Secondary information, such as roads and a basemap, were also included.

The module Learning Outcomes were:
  • Conceptualize and create maps according to need of end user
  • Establish and implement visual hierarchy to emphasize important map features
  • Apply contrast to map features to imply their relative importance
  • Employ figure ground to make important map features appear closer to the end user
  • Achieve map balance with the harmonious organization of map elements and empty space
  • Symbolize layers by category
  • Create an inset map and establish an extent indicator
  • Summarize and present lab activities and objectives


Taylor currently works as an Environmental and GIS Technician for a small company in Wilmington, NC. He comes to us with some GIS experience, but wants to expand his expertise. Based on his map, he has a great eye for design and detail! His natural basemap and background colours add nicely to the overall presentation, and the use of graduated symbols for the schools is a nice touch. In Ward 7, he included finer detail with the DC Streets layer, moving out to the greater D.C. area, only primary transportation routes are included so as not to pull the eye away from Ward 7 and overcrowd the map with superfluous information.

Follow Taylor's exploits here at:

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