Thursday, February 25, 2016

GIS6555 - GIS Management - Student Spotlight

GIS 6555 - GIS Management, Instructor, Dr. Derek Morgan

GIS Management (GIS 6555) is one of the first courses to be offered from the M.S.A. with a specialization in Geographic Information Science (GIS) degree plan. This course provides practical information on the development, implementation, and operation of GIS programs and projects intended for seasoned, new and GIS aspiring managers. Studying the concepts of managerial theory within the context GIS should prove useful to their geospatial careers. 

We would like to recognize all of our current graduate students for blazing a trail in the maiden voyage of this course. They are all doing a great job embracing material that isn’t traditionally taught in a GIS program, but is increasingly relevant as the industry matures. Below we highlight one student’s work that is illustrative of the content of this course.  

Module 1 had the students creating flow charts. Why flowcharts? Well, flowcharts can help GIS managers define and analyze processes to identify bottlenecks or troubleshoot a problems within the current GIS program. One technique to operationalize efforts to align business processes with organization mission, business needs and users is to utilize flow charts. Organizations expend enormous time and resources to document and “map” current processes and workflows with the logical justification that a detailed picture of the current state is a necessary starting point for business process improvement (Crosswell 2009). 

During this module students were given a real-word case study from ArcNews, “GIS Speeds Water Service Restoration” (Esri 2015), that illustrates a process improvement. From this case study students were asked to create before and after improvement flowcharts.

And the STUDENT SPOTLIGHT AWARD goes to...Stuart Fricke! 

Stuart did a great job separating the organizational roles (e.g. customer service and customer along the vertical axis of the chart) within a broader depiction of the business processes themselves. Stuart effectively utilized the standard flowchart symbols to create a visualization of business process improvements.  Stuart’s passion for maps (and GIS) shows through his work in this class, and we are thrilled to have him in the program.
Old Process
New Process

Follow Stuart's progress through the program at his student blog.

Welcome to the Spotlight, Stuart!



  1. Great tutorial, what is this diagram software you've used to create these flowchart diagrams? Is it creately ?

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