Wednesday, February 3, 2016

GIS4043/L - Introduction to GIS - Student Spotlight

Intro to GIS: The Start of a Geographic Adventure!

Instructor: Amber Bloechle, TA: Deidra Krolikowski

Lab 2: Own Your Map!

The "Own Your Map" Lab works with students to have them think creatively when designing their maps. Setting all the essential map elements are key, but creating a map that looks nice and is geared toward your specific audience (the public, customers, etc.) can be challenging.

In this week's lab, "Own Your Map" students learned to:

  • Summarize the essential elements of map making
  • Create a professional looking map using ArcGIS
  • Locate commonly used tools in ArcGIS such as Definition Queries and Attribute Queries
  • Locate & reference GIS metadata
  • Understand difference between relative paths and absolute paths in map files
  • Determine the most effective cartographic choices (color, labels, line weights, etc.)


Samuel Song! Samuel is a Facility Management Specialist for General Services Administration (GSA) in Auburn, Washington. Samuel comes to the program with a CAD, GPS Surveying and GIS background. He served 8 years in the US Air Force! 

Samuel's map is both attractive and informative. Important data is made relevant with smart use of map symbology and scale. Map elements and images are placed with care, making the map easy to read. Aside from his map, he keeps his blog posts real and I like that. Hey, we don't enjoy looking for metadata either :) 

Follow Samuel's progress at his student blog:

Samuel, welcome to the spotlight! We are glad you are here and thank you for your service to our country! 

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